Annual Day celebrations

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Annual Day 2013 at St. John The Baptist High School saw life and energy being propelled into an ‘ethos inspiring vision’ formulated by the school this year.

The entire programme revolved around themes stemming from the visionary statement, ‘ I Want My School To …’

The show commenced with the melodious voices of the Secondary students, singing out lofty ideals etched in the school anthem. This was followed by an item staged by the tiny tots of the Pre-Primary, wherein they danced to the tunes of various songs based on ‘Good Manners’.

Next came the Primary students with their depiction of compassionate mother nature being ravaged by the reckless insensitive actions of man. Through song and dance they inculcated Eco-friendly attitudes. The zing with which the Secondary students displayed fitness through aerobics, zumba, karate etc. had the audience so inspired, that one would want to ‘hit the gym’ the very next day.

Patriotism towards our country dramatized by the Primary, high lighted the loyalty and martyrdom of our armed forces and moved our hearts to tears. The vibrancy with which India’s ‘unity in diversity’ was conceptualised through folk dances captivated the crowd. A fashion show added great elan, as enthusiastic teachers walked the ramp with grace and poise. The most riveting performance which drew an unceasing applause was the ‘Santa Dance’ which had frolicsome, peppy Christmas songs to which Secondary students danced and skated. The evening ended with the ‘non vocal’ representation of the National Anthem, vividly articulated through sign language by students of the Special School….. a silent, but noteworthy end to a memorable Annual Day.