Q1. How different is the MLSI primary curriculum from the CBSE or ICSE programmes?

The MLSI curriculum has at its core the child and a philosophy about how children learn. Its perspective is more global and international than other, local programmes. Very often similar topics of study may be undertaken but the approach to the teaching/learning process will be different. At MLSI we encourage children to learn through inquiry, whereas some curricula are more teacher-centric and concerned with what and how much a student needs to learn in each class. At MLSI we divide learning into stages and not into classes and grades. This makes it possible for different students in the same class to be at different stages in each subject area based on their individual understanding and abilities.

Q2. If you have no tests, how will my child ever learn to take tests?

At MLSI we believe that there is more to assessment than paper pencil and tests carrying ‘marks’. We may not always have tests and examinations in the traditional format, but there is on-going assessment in the classrooms through which teachers provide constant feedback to the students. In turn, the teachers also receive feedback about the teaching-learning experience. Teachers do conduct regular assessments though the parameters may be different and they may use a combination of paper-pencil tests, spelling tests, quizzes, home assignments, projects, presentations, group work to test the students and gauge their learning.

The student learns to cope well with any kind of question in any format and is not dependent on the written, note-learned material alone. Students develop the confidence to enable them to answer any kind of question that may be asked of them.

Q3. I am getting transferred from another city, will I be able to secure admission for my child mid-term at MLSI?

We fully understand that moves/ transfers are sometimes unavoidable and may not coincide neatly with school terms. So, yes, you will be able to secure admission provided there is space available in the intended class. Please follow the admission guidelines and procedures.

Q4. What are the documents MLSI will require if I am moving from another city or country?

If you are moving from another city we will require copies of your and your child’s/children’s passport, or any other proof of identity as specified in our admission procedures; proof of residence, your child’s birth certificate and school reports of previous 2 years.

Q 5. Will my child have to undergo a formal test of admission?

We would like to get to know your child at the time of admission and this is done through an initial interview. This interaction is held between the Head of Primary and the prospective students along with his/her family. It is informal in nature. At MLSI we administer an admission test only to students seeking admission to Grade VI and above. The test is a general ability test in English and Math and usually carried out for the purpose of placement and to understand your child’s current level of functioning.

Q 6. I have a child with special needs. Do I need to follow any special procedures to secure admission?

MLSI is an equal opportunities school. We encourage you to tell us at the time of seeking admission if your child has any special needs. Our inquiry form needs you to mention if your child requires or has received special educational services. Once you make this information available, we will follow the procedure as outlined in our admission policy.

Q7. I want to move my child from his/ her current school which follows the local examination board. Will my child be able to cope with the change in the curriculum and the style of teaching?

Our teaching and curriculum are based on sound developmental norms, therefore children adapt very naturally and quickly to both. Your child will not only be able to cope with the difference but will also enjoy the entire process of learning. Our teachers are sensitive to the fact that children come from different backgrounds and they pay special attention to assist in the initial settling in period.

Q 8. Will a school bus be available?

School transport is available on certain routes. The Admissions office can advise you on this. Our transport system follows all the required safety regulations including adult female supervision in the buses.

Q 9. Approximately how many students will there be in each class?

The teacher-student ratio in classes will be 1:12. We will maintain this ratio and increase the number of sections per class as the number of students increases.

Q 10. What are the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities offered?

MLSI will offer a number of creative and sporting activities. Though performing arts, sports, ICT, using the library media centre are an integral part of our curriculum, we also offer these as extra-curricular and stand-alone activities.

Q 11. Will meals be provided?

Yes. with the emphasis on health and freshness, nutritious meals will be provided to all students. A nutritionist will be designing the menu and will ensure that students eat a balanced and wholesome diet.