IB Curriculum – International Academia

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AT all levels, the IB takes a global approach, looking at big ideas across disciplines and through its inquiry based approach in able to develop critical, inquiry and higher level skills in students. Many parents can make educational choices for their children based on knowledge,expectations and a desire to give their children the best possible opportunity in world that places a high emphasis on skills that are global in design and necessary to be successful at the work place.
The IB with its enquiry based philosophy delivers on this need and since there is a lot of focus on originality of thoughts, it is perceived to be difficult in a country which has grown up to a standardised form and pattern of education. Though rigorous, given the right set of trained facilitators and environment, the learning process can be made fun and enjoyable for students.
It’s not a question of difficult or easy, it’s a question of educating children for the 21st century with the necessary skills and mindset and that’s a responsibility all schools should shoulder.

- Head of MLSI, Mr. Clive Rogers on International Board Curriculum.