IB Middle Years Programme (MYP)

The Middle Years Program (MYP) is a framework for learning for Grades 6-10.

And as a school we will be submitting a request to the IB to deliver the programme after a feasibility study of the requirements has been formalized.

Reasons why the MYP is a good choice for Mount Litera School International:

  • Its philosophy and objectives reflect those of the School.
  • The MYP is an international program with no bias towards any particular national system.
  • The MYP provides continuum consistency across grades with the Primary Years and Diploma Programmes.
  • Many elements of the MYP are common to the skills required by the Diploma and developed in the PYP.
  • The MYP Planning, teaching and assessment within MYP subjects encourages a strong interdisciplinary approach.
  • The MYP is flexible enough to allow MLSI to design the curriculum to fit our students’ needs. The MYP does not prescribe subject area content, only the framework for delivery.


MYP Curriculum Framework

The MYP Curriculum Model reveals how students must study at least one subject strand within each of the eight MYP subject areas. There is a minimum time requirement per year that the school must meet for each of these areas, which shows the commitment that MYP has to every subject.

The Learner Profile is core to the model and emphasizes the central importance of each student. Encircling the Learner Profile of the student are the Global Contexts, which link the subjects and student learning to the real world.

The global contexts compose a middle ring representing the relationship generated between the learner and the subjects. The Personal Project is the cumulating end project of this learning, as is our Community & Service Commitment.

The Approaches to Learning concerns the skills students develop in each grade to understand and manage their own learning process.

The IB Middle Years Programme consists of eight subject groups:

  • Language acquisition,
  • Language and literature,
  • Individuals and societies,
  • Sciences,
  • Mathematics,
  • Arts,
  • Physical and health education


The MYP provides a Holistic Education

A holistic education exposes adolescents to as many different subjects, skills and experiences as possible with the goal of opening up pathways to further learning before the Diploma Programme. Student’s benefit from the opportunity to show both strengths and weaknesses, which is part of the area of interaction called approaches to learning — practical skills on presentation and organization are integrated across the curriculum in all subjects.

Students gain a sense of personal achievement and are rewarded for holistic learning through enhanced critical thinking, sensitivity, strong study habits and a personal awareness of their own learning.

The MYP emphasizes Intercultural Awareness and Communication

In a community, it is essential that the curriculum reflects and is responsive to the different perspectives of all our students.

The MYP curriculum also guides the students in forming their own truly international outlook. This implies an emphasis on communication skills, both in the languages and in other subjects.

The MYP is Student-Centered

The students develop an awareness of their own learning process and skills to help them continue learning throughout life. The MYP curriculum seeks to shift the emphasis from teacher instruction to student learning through inquiry wherever possible. Teaching strategies reflect this through the use of varied tasks that encourage students to delve into real-world issues and contexts, with an emphasis given to applying concrete knowledge from the classroom to everyday problem solving.and are integrated to the MYP Learner Profile so as to create an interdisciplinary learning context.