pastoral care

At MLSI we view personal development as much a part of our academic inquiry based curriculum. We recognise that attitudes, self-awareness, and level of self-confidence, and life skills that our pupils take out into the world with them are just as important in helping them to truly succeed in life and be happy as their academic knowledge and qualifications gained whilst at MLSI

Personal development is encouraged and enabled at MLSI in a number of ways. Students receive direct instruction and support from teachers through the Pastoral Care System and through class teachers or specialist teachers monitoring and mentoring. Class Teachers in both Primary and Secondary monitor student progress on a daily basis and provide advice and support to students as required, liaising with parents directly on a regular basis through the school communication system, student almanacs, email, letters, and parent-teacher meetings. Students will also receive support through the House System, as each student will eventually be placed into a School House when joining the school.

Reports are issued, two times over the academic year and three way parent-student-teacher conferences are organised each term to allow parents the opportunity to speak with class teachers and subject teachers during a single visit. The Personal Social Education [PSE] programmes from EY1-to EY3 are integrated into the Units of Inquiry and through the Learner Profile. Once students reach the Middle School Years then the school will run weekly PSE classes (Personal, Social, Education,) to help guide students in making responsible, informed decisions as they grow and mature. This programme is carefully graded according to age and deals with a variety of issues as students mature, ranging from developing self-esteem to peer pressure, alcohol and drugs, relationships education, bullying, global inequality, budgeting and career planning.