How Does the Diploma Programme of MLSI Prepare Your Child for the Real World?

On June 3, 2020,

One of the shining factors of the education curriculum at MLSI is that students are prepared for so much more than just clearing academic examinations. We strive to cultivate self-aware, efficient, confident, and proactive youngsters who have all the necessary skills to conquer life and its challenges along the way.

Below explained are the pointers to keep in mind about MLSI which will help students become well-rounded individuals in the ‘real world’ out there –

Similar To University Teaching

Even though sitting through hours of in-class lectures and review sessions may seem cumbersome at first, when experiencing it at MLSI, your child will definitely be thankful that they learnt how to extract the most out of them. The IB Diploma at MLSI prepares students for the ‘lecture environment’. Going into college with prior knowledge on how to take notes while straining out non-essential details and already having trained yourself to concentrate for sustained periods of time on possibly mundane topics, is an eminent skill.

Prepares Your Child For The Academic Rigour of Higher Education

Not only are the teaching and evaluation styles of the IB Diploma uniquely challenging, but the content is also incredibly intricate. At MLSI, students are expected to venture into every tiny detail of every function of the body in Biology. Students are not only expected to read books but also analyze the authors’ life and the history of the genre in the English class.

The IB Diploma is designed to help children learn the syllabus content in such a way that they remember it for a sustained period of time and apply it, as opposed to just memorising information for a test and then forgetting the information over time.

Results Are Not The Only Motive

The Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) requirement in the Diploma Programme promotes experiential learning along with the acquisition of knowledge through direct experience. It gives students a unique understanding of the world. Students are urged to transform into socially, economically, and environmentally aware young adults.

The International Baccalaureate programme at MLSI motivates students across the world to become conscientious, compassionate, lifelong learners who appreciate and value cultural difference. It’s an ambitious challenge, but equipping young people with adequate knowledge, independence, cooperation, and connectedness to give their best in the modern world of today is the fundamental aim of our institute.