100% Scholarship* For IB Diploma Programme

Mount Litera School International offers a scholarship* to meritorious students of the diploma programme. Below are the terms and conditions to apply for the Mount Litera School International scholarship:

Scholarship Terms and Conditions

There are two categories of applicants who can avail the scholarship:

  • Applicants from CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, SSC Curriculum
  • Applicants from the Middle Year Programme

The applicants would undergo a selection process in which the school will review their academic record, performance in admission test and formal interaction.


Students who have completed MYP at MLSI or 10th grade from schools who offer ICSE/ IGCSE/ CBSE/ SSC/ MYP.

Know more about the IB Diploma Programme: https://mlsi.in/ib-diploma-programme/

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