PYP at MLSI: Everything You Need to Know

On April 15, 2020,

Enrolling your child in school will always be a cumbersome and worrying task. There are so many contrasting parameters to consider – location, finances, faculty, facilities, and the board of education. Each board of education in India is unique in its own way, which is why it makes it even more essential for parents and their children to be well-versed with the characteristics and elements of each board of education.

At MLSI, we believe in complete transparency when it comes to course details and structure and actually encourage parents to be as involved as they can be in their child’s education. The Primary Years Programme (PYP) is curated for students aged between 3 and 12 years. Upon completing this programme, students go through the Middle Years Programme, and finally, 2 years of the IB Diploma to complete their school education. The PYP & MYP are curated to hone the students for the exhaustive & rigorous IB programme. 

The PYP Programme at MLSI focuses on the blooming of a child as an inquirer, both inside the classroom and in the world outside. It is a foundation course steered by six transdisciplinary themes of international relevance, explored using knowledge and skills derived from six different subject areas, with an emphatic focus on inquiry. These six transdisciplinary themes include – (source –

  • Who We Are 

This theme includes exploration of human nature, physical, mental, social and spiritual health. It throws light on the study of human societies, family structures & relationships, human rights & responsibilities, and the entire essence of being human. 

  • Where We Are in Place & Time 

This theme includes the study of the human race and our place in the modern world. Students are introduced to discoveries, explorations, and migrations of mankind. 

  • How We Express Ourselves 

Creativity, art, and expression are elements which are at their peak during this age group. MLSI as an institute has also advocated these three elements. Students have the opportunity to take part in a host of diverse extra-curricular activities.

  • How The World Works

The concepts of Chemistry, Physics, and Biology are elaborated on during PYP. Students are introduced to the application of these subjects in the modern world and the impact of scientific & technological advances on society and the environment. 

  • How We Organise Ourselves

Inquiry into the relation and links of different human-made systems and communities; the framework and structure of organizations. Students are also introduced to societal decision-making, economic activities, and their effect on the human race and the environment we live in.

  • Sharing The Planet

We believe that children should be well-aware of the environmental struggles and worries we as a human race are bound to face in the near future. It is our endeavour to cultivate responsible and eco-friendly ideologies in all our students as early as possible.

The PYP presents itself as the ideal platform to prepare your child for the MYP, IB Diploma, and then higher education. Read more about our PYP programme here.