The Impact of MYP On the Development of a Child

On May 8, 2020,

Education, be it at its initial phase, or middle school years, or even right at the end before higher education, should always be curated in a systematic way – clear goals should be set and accomplished during each year. The Middle Years Programme – for students aged between 11 and 16 – is a multi-faceted programme which addresses an array of subjects of knowledge.

If you’re considering the Middle Years Programme for your child, do note the following pointers which could help you make your decision -

Methods of Teaching

At MLSI, we adopt the following teaching models – inquiry-based learning, conceptual understanding, and practical learning. These models help stimulate independent, analytical, and research-driven learning as opposed to studying a syllabus for just an exam. Open communication and peer-learning are also encouraged to keep classes lively and vibrant.

International Programme

The MYP is well-established across the world. Schools in over 100 countries have opted for this programme as a part of the IB Programme. Universities which commonly receive applications from a variety of countries are starting to prefer the IB Programme since it is an international evaluation standard. This helps Indian students in bridging the gap when it comes to applying to prominent universities of the world.

Non-Academic Elements

The Middle Years Programme at MLSI enables students to actively participate in diverse and interesting extracurricular activities including sports, MUN, dance, amongst others. Students are also expected to engage in a personal project which drives independent research and planning. Along with the personal project, one of the other fundamental aims at MLSI is to foster young individuals who are environmentally conscious and eco-friendly. The community project is something which encourages this process.

Personality Enhancement

A unique blend of all the elements listed above results in the formation of a well-rounded and dynamic personality. Extracurricular activities help develop character traits such as communication skills, leadership, public speaking, and planning. Similarly, personal and community projects also lead to the development of a wide variety of skills.

Along with the benefits illustrated above, the biggest role the Middle Years Programme plays is to prepare these youngsters for the rigor of the IB Diploma, which succeeds the MYP.