The Key Features of MYP and its Role in IB Philosophy

On May 20, 2020,

Mount Litera School International strives to promote transparency of education which includes educating parents/children/prospective students about the programmes offered, their relevance, and applicability on a global scale. The Middle Years Programme, offered by the institute to students aged between 11 and 16, is essentially the programme which builds on the learnings of the Primary Years Programme and prepares the students for the critical years of the IB Diploma.

A comprehensive programme which is focused on imparting knowledge across a diverse range of topics – well beyond academics as well, the MYP consists of intriguing components for individuals to explore and actively learn. These include -

Conceptual Learning

Concepts are used as a framework for subject matter that students will learn and subsequently retain in the future; they present themselves as principles and building blocks that students can use to comprehend the world.

The MYP employs two types of conceptual learning -

  • Key Concepts- Contributed from each subject group these provide interdisciplinary breadth to the Middle Years Programme. Key concepts are broad and powerful ideas that hold value within and across subjects and disciplines.
  • Related Concepts – Grounded in specific disciplines, these explore key concepts in comprehensive detail, offering depth to the programme.

Subjects of Study

MYP offers eight different subjects of specialization for students. This helps them gauge their likes & dislikes and strengths & weaknesses, which gives them a clear idea what they’d want to explore in the future. A minimum of fifty hours is devoted to each subject during the duration of the year. These eight subjects include –

  • Language Acquisition
  • Language & Literature
  • Individuals & Societies
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Arts
  • Physical Health & Education
  • Design

Personal Project

During the last year of the programme (year five), students must put together a personal project, which allows them to display their personal & intellectual understanding and skills. The student is tasked with the responsibility of initiating and completing the project with minimum direction from the faculty. Completing this project helps student harness their research & analysis skills, verbal ability, sense of ownership, and self-confidence.

The Middle Years Programme has so many different elements and requirements to be met, which is what adds to the value of it. It encourages critical thinking, conceptual learning, self-study, and social as well as eco-friendly education through community service and the personal project.