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Understanding the MYP

On April 25, 2019,

The very first programme to be introduced in 1968 by the International Baccalaureate was the High School Diploma Programme, also known as the IBDP. The aim of this programme then was to provide young people with skills and attitudes to better understand and then act to improve our world. Those…

Rap created by school students urge voters to vote responsibly in the Lok Sabha elections

On April 24, 2019,

How to choose the right board of education

On April 15, 2019,

Board basics

On April 12, 2019,

How unique extracurricular activities help students with a holistic education

On April 12, 2019,

Authored by Ms. Mona Seervai – Head of School, Mount Litera School International The unspoken demand on schools today is to make their studentsworld citizens equipped for tomorrow. This can be achieved by providing them real life experiences which enable them to pursue further education as well as be better…

Differentiation is vital to tap individual potential

On April 12, 2019,

Authored by Mrs. Navyata Goenka – Advisor, Mount Litera School International Differentiation is a must-have tool for any teacher who interacts with groups of children. It essentially equips a teacher to cater to the developmental needs of each child under his/her care and enables them to progress at their own…

Innovative teaching techniques that help children learn better Life’s lessons from the humble snail

On April 12, 2019,

Attributed to Ms. Mona Seervai – Head of School, Mount Litera School International and Ms. AkshataKamat – Teacher, Mount Litera School International Schools no longer follow the conventional ways of teaching only from the letters of a textbook. The international curriculum focusses on how children learn best, and we are…

Inquiry based learning in the early years

On April 12, 2019,

Children love to inquire! It is one of the ways in which they understand themselves and the world around them. These inquiries and questions work as an essential tool for teachers to encourage and enhance children’s thinking and learning. As educators we need to feed these curious minds and offer…

After Grade X

On April 1, 2019,

The last day of your child’s 10th board exams; it seems like an eternity since your mind has been at peace, isn’t it? Well, it is understandable that the stress a parent goes through is indeed equivalent to the amount of stress your child feels. Class 10th is the first…