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PYP 4 Assembly – Independence day – 14th August 2018

Great to see the explorers of PYP 4 to conduct the first assembly of this academic year which was based on Independence Day. Learners communicated their understanding of this important event through a speech and a song-Vande Mataram. The spirit of patriotism was high as the children were dressed up in the colours of Indian Flag

Independence Day - MLSI

Independece day celebration at MLSI

Independece day celebration at international school mumbai

PYP 2 Assembly – Ganesh Chaturthi – 12th September 2018

Ganesh Chaturthi, the Hindu festival commenced with PYP 2 students performing a dance on ‘Ek dantayam’ followed by the aarti ‘Sukha karta dukha harta’ and ended with finale act on ‘ ‘Deva Shree ganesha’. Learners were dressed in colourful and traditional Indian clothes. Children from all the communities respectfully participated with the spirit of oneness.

assemblie at international preschool

dance performance at international preschool

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EY3 Assembly – Janmashtami – 4th September 2018

The Early Years 3 conducted the assembly celebrating Janmashtami to mark the birth of Krishna. Children came dressed up as Radhas and Krishnas. It was fun to watch them as they explained the journey of Krishna from birth to how he grew up enjoying troubling the Gopis. It was a sight to watch as all children participated in dancing and rejoicing his life.

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PYP 5 Assembly – Bakri-Eid – 21st August 2018

With full enthusiasm,kids from PYP5 performed an assembly on Bakri-Eid. They shared information about the belief and the origin of story behind it. They Cooperatively performed a dance along with a live singing performance, followed by a very interesting and powerpoint presentation. The song and the dance was to spread a message of peace, love and faith. All students from PYP enjoyed every bit of it!

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dance performance at mubai international school

Grade 9 Assembly on Ganesh Chaturthi

On the 13th of September, Grade 9 Aster welcomed Ganesh Chaturthi at MLSI with an assembly that showcased the ethnicity of the Indian festival highlighting a few crucial elements of the purpose behind celebrating the festival. The zest shown in throughout the 10 days of the festival is what truly enlightens the spirit of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Grade 9 Aster replicated the same zest through a skit and a dance. Our skit was based upon explaining the historic background and purpose of the festival to a group of foreigners that visited Mumbai for recreation. OUr dance performed was influenced by one of the many dance styles of Indian Culture. Throughout the process of preparing for the skit, was working collaboratively to bring up one stunning performance worth entertaining the audience.

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