Mount Litera School International uniquely welcomes Diwali – Invites grandparents to school for a special Ram-Leela theatrical

Mount Litera School International(MLSI) welcomed Diwali with a special Grandparents Day event. More than 450 students from the Primary Years Program (PYP) seamlessly integrated to put together a grand theatrical production. The students choose Ramyana and the journey of lord Ram and Sita back to Ayodhya and its significance. The unique initiative was especially curated by the students to gain knowledge about the richness of Indian mythology and express their love and gratitude towards their grandparents. The theatrical production allowed the children to spend some quality time and make special memories that would last a life time.

The day started with MYP students giving a traditional welcome of the grandparents complete with the vermillion ‘Tika’ and Garlands. MYP Students with the help of their music teacher performed a medley of classic singers namely Kishore Kumar and Mohd. Rafi and effectively transported their grandparents to the golden era of music! Students also designed innovative games that engage both grandparent and grandchild and helped strengthen their bond. Keeping up with the innovations, MLSI also created a memory booklet which had pictures and the hand prints of the grandparents and their grandchild as token of appreciation. The event concluded with retro themed dance music encouraging everybody to shake a leg and let their hair down!

Sharing her thoughts on the initiative, Ms. Mona Seervai, Head of School – Mount Litera School International said, “At MLSI, our aim is to create a culture of strong Indian values, and relationships that strengthen our bond with the community. Today’s initiative at MLSI helped the students know more about our mythology and engage with their grandparents in a spirit of fun and sharing. Such events leave an impact and go a long way in enabling the students to be a better version of themselves. The joy in the eyes of the grandparents and the grandchild touched all our hearts and it was indeed a memorable day for all!”