health, safety and security

The students’ health and safety are paramount in order for them to be successful in all that they do. At MLSI, we have a nurse to provide care when needed and clear guidelines to help maintain a healthy environment for all.

All staff, students and visitors will be issued with an MLSI ID badge. This must be worn in a visible manner whilst on the school property. Visitors are required to sign in at the main reception desk at either campus and are issued with a visitor’s badge. All visitors must sign out and return the badges before leaving the premises. Any person without a proper ID will be addressed and directed back to Reception to sign in.

Health Forms

A completed, registration and health related form must be completed and submitted with your Application for Admission Form to the Admissions Office. The School must be notified of any changes in the child’s health or contact details by the parents.

School Nurse

The school has a professionally trained and fully qualified Nurse. In order to provide first aid to any student who requires it, the School has a well-equipped medical room and parents will be informed through the office or nurse if their child is ill and needs to be collected from the school.

Security Measures

Emergency drills and evacuation practices take place on a regular basis. This is done to ensure that all personnel on campus are well prepared in the unlikely event of such emergencies. This is also required by the school’s operation procedures, which are reviewed with students prior to the practice of drills.

Fire Emergency

The Fire Procedure Sheets are posted in strategic positions as well as in Reception and the Marketing area. Upon hearing the fire alarm, all visitors are requested to follow the prescribed procedure.