Home learning at MLSI

Home learning or homework is “any other work or activity which pupils are asked to do outside lesson time, either on their own or with parents or guardians”.  Such activities shall always include reading and may include written work or may be a small piece of research, discussion with parent or guardians, learning some spellings/tables or developing mental strategies.

“Research over a number of years has shown that homework can make an important contribution to pupil’s progress at school.  There is evidence that pupils in the highest achieving schools spend more time learning activities at home, that pupils in other schools”.

Homework set by the school has a range of purposes.  These include:

  • Developing the home-school partnership in pursuing the aims of the school and assisting parents in taking a positive interest in their children’s schoolwork.
  • Taking advantage of the resource of home as a source of learning.
  • To practise and consolidate skills learnt at school, especially in literacy, numeracy and ICT.
  • Encouraging self-motivated learning and independence especially for older children as they prepare for secondary school.
  • To prepare and plan for work to be done at school.

Homework may also be set when it is felt that a child needs to make up work through absence, or needs extra practice in a specific area or if work has not been completed satisfactorily in class.

At MLSI we recognise the value of the many activities that our children are involved in after school and at weekends, through family activities or their membership of clubs and organisations.

We would not want any homework to cut across these activities that play such an important part in the children’s development.  We ensure sufficient time is given to complete tasks to avoid conflicts and enable all students to meet the deadlines set by the school. This way good study habits are formed which lead to developing the students ‘independent learning’ focus.