Information Sessions

Information sessions for different audiences and with different focuses

In order to inform parents that are interested in or new to our school as well as families whose children are already enrolled at our school about the educational opportunities offered at Mount Litera School International, we regularly organise information sessions for different audiences and with different focuses.

Welcome Day: On the last working day before the start of the school year all new students and their parents are invited to come to school and meet the faculty, see the facilities and receive a general introduction to our school.

Open Day: In both Primary and Secondary School we offer parents the opportunity to obtain in-depth information about the programmes offered by the school: e.g. Open Day Grade EY1 for prospective parents, Open Day Primary and Middle School for parents of students transitioning from Primary to Secondary.

Curriculum Presentation: To offer parents the possibility to get further information about the Primary Years Programme, the Middle School, and the IB* Diploma Programme.

Teacher / Parent / Student Conferences: Aimed at reporting the progress and performance of students.