Over 100 Students Of Mount Litera School International Perform The Epic Tale Of Mahabharta – RETOLD!

On January 22, 2019,
School produces a grand scale theatrical play of Mahabharata from the point of view of Gandhari, Kunti and Draupadi. Celebrated director Tigmanshu Dhulia graces the play.

Students of Mount Litera School International, one of Mumbai’s leading IB schools today performed a unique rendition of Mahabharta. The school gave a completely new account of the epic tale by showcasing it from the perspective of its leading ladies – Gandhari, Kunti and Draupadi. Following its inquiry-based learning methodology, the play aimed to imbibe Indian values in the students and showcase human frailties, character flaws and highlight follies of the great and good of society. The grand play saw over 100 students from the middle years program participate to perform this unique version of the epic tale and in the process also strengthen their roots to Indian mythology. Read More