Parent , teacher and student conferences

On January 19, 2015,

As part of the IB assessments feedback requirements MLSI uses Three-way conferences that involve the student, parents and teacher. Students discuss their learning and understanding with their parents and teacher.

During these sessions the students are responsible for reflecting upon work samples they have chosen to share, previously selected with guidance and support from the teacher and forms part of the student’s portfolio.

The student, parents and the teacher collaborate to establish and identify the student’s strengths and areas for improvement. This may lead to the setting of new goals, with all determining how they can support the achievement of the goals.

MLSI believes that All of the participants must understand the format and their roles prior to the conference so that positive outcomes can be shared.

2014 -2105 Parent Teacher Meetings and Student led conference dates:

  • Parent Teacher Meeting All grades March 27th 2015
  • Three Way Conferences


Early Years June 1st 2015

Grades 1 to 3 June 2nd 2015

Grades 4-5 June 4th 2015

Please note that Information will be sent out prior to the above dates to all parents