School Leadership Team

Head of Primary, Mount Litera School International

Ms.Ruchika Sachdev

Ms. Ruchika Sachdev holds a Master’s degree in Education and a Bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology.

Beginning her career in teacher training with SNDT University, Ms. Ruchika has worked with the British School and Lancers International School in the NCR. She continues to train teachers, working with a number of institutes as guest faculty and has collaborated on creating content for different subjects and online courses for professional development for teachers. She brings with her years of experience of working with children and teachers. She has taught in general classrooms and special education set-ups for a number of years before moving on to administrative positions.

Ms. Ruchika has a keen interest in developing inclusive education environments that provide equal opportunities for all students. She passionately believes that students in the primary years grow best in nurturing, motivating and stimulating environments that inspire them to be themselves. Learning cannot be rushed and must be allowed to unfold and take its path, ably supported by adults.

International Baccalaureate’s philosophy, values and pedagogy fit seamlessly with her beliefs about education and she wants to continue learning and developing through, what she calls her best teachers- children!

Head of Secondary, Mount Litera School International

Mr. Vishnu Sharma

Mr. Vishnu Sharma brings with him experience of 16 years in university and school teaching, operation and administration. A self-motivated, passionate and dynamic educator who believes in modern education, Mr. Vishnu encourages creativity and innovation in both- teachers and students. His aim is to impart a holistic education and create a meaningful impact on today’s generation by providing a caring, stable environment and academic excellence while preparing pupils for lifelong learning.

Equipped with a Master’s Degree in Applied Biological Science from Oxford University, Mr. Vishnu has been a recipient of some renowned scholarships, awarded by organisations like the Commonwealth, the World Bank, and JRF/NET. He holds a certification in School Leadership from IIM, Ahmedabad, and also possesses qualifications in modern pedagogy, special needs and counselling. Mr. Sharma is a published researcher, and is a trained teacher for Biology for the IB-Diploma course. As an educator, Mr Vishnu has held teaching and leading positions at the SelaQui World School, Ecole Mondial World School, Navrachana International School and the Dean of RBK International Academy and Head of Operations of RBK group of schools, Mumbai.

A thorough professional with in-depth and rich experience in the educational arena, deep rooted values and work ethics, Mr Sharma is very particular and precise with work details and draws the best from his staff and high standards of learning achievements from his students.