Student-Led Conference

On March 12, 2021,

The Student-Led Conference (SLC) at MLSI is one of the events which our teachers and students take immense pride in. Our very first virtual SLC was celebrated on 5th February 21. It was a time when our students encouraged to exercise Learner Agency – through voice, choice and ownership of their understanding. A lot of reflection and thinking are involved into their process of planning the conference. Students  attended the conference with their parents virtually, according to the slots chosen.

What is a student-led conference [SLC]?

It is a departure from the regular parent-teacher meeting where teachers and parents discuss a student’s progress and attainment. Very often the student is not a participant in this discussion. During SLC the students lead the discussion; after all, it is their attainment and progress that we are talking about! Teachers are facilitators, parents are participants, but it is students who lead the conversation and direct it.

The teachers helped students reflect on their journey in the current grade so far. We must instill in them the confidence that helps them talk about their achievements and their goals for the future. 

As a parent our role is to have:

  • A bit of patience and time as they may feel a little overwhelmed initially
  • A smile – it will go a long way in making the child confident
  • Open-mindedness– to accept that he/she may not have done what you expected them to
  • Acceptance – the goals that he/she may set, may not match your expectations
  • A positive and encouraging attitude – that will stay with them through challenges and will help them in persevering
  • Appreciation– for every little thing that they are proud of
  • Allow them to present their learning journey in the sequence that they have chosen
  • Ask questions that are relevant to the work that is being discussed
  • Help your child in working out the next goals and targets

Student Led Conference helps the child understand their potential and responsibility as a student. It is a part of their learning journey. Every year students of PYP lead  their journey. It is an effective way to support students to build motivation, confidence, and critical thinking ability.

I would like to end with a wonderful quote “The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity” by Dorothy Parker.

You can view the MLSI Virtual Student Led Conference for some students below: