The Middle Years Programme and its Significance on your Child’s Career Growth

On April 30, 2020,

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) is curated by the International Baccalaureate as the foundation course for students aspiring to pursue the IB Diploma Programme before university education. This programme is as widespread as its successor, the IB Diploma, having established its presence approximately in 1300 institutes on a global scale, in over 100 countries. As explained above, this programme is uniquely designed for middle school students ranging from ages 11 to 16. 

Not only does the Middle Years Programme prepare students for the final two years of their school life, but also offers a list of benefits elaborated below – 

Learning Structure 

The MYP promotes an engaging classroom experience, even if the student chooses not to pursue the Diploma programme after standard 10th. Similar to the IB Diploma Programme, the Middle Years Programme focuses on providing students with practical and life-like educational experience. For nearly all students (especially at a young age), this process of learning is interactive and helps them connect with learning resources and materials.

Global Affiliation 

The Middle Years Programme has been expanding exponentially on a global scale – it has been adopted by more than a thousand schools in over a hundred countries. If a student plans to apply in foreign universities in North America, Europe, or even Asia, the MYP helps them in terms of application and evaluation. This is because it is easier for foreign universities to compare all MYP applicants across the world on a common and comparable scale.

Emphasis On Overall Growth of the Student

The Middle Years Programme at MLSI enables students to actively participate in diverse and interesting extracurricular activities. Students are also expected to engage in a community service project which helps build knowledge and social awareness. One of the fundamental aims at MLSI is to cultivate young individuals who are environmentally conscious and eco-friendly. The community project is part of this process.


The adaptation of an inquiry-based model of learning amplifies a child’s role in the learning process, in turn, encouraging them to address an idea or topic in an active way, instead of passively listening to a teacher’s commands or simply memorising content from traditional books which are slowly becoming outdated in the modern world. Students are also expected to complete an individual project – initiated by them with minute guidance and support from the faculty.

To conclude, the IB Middle Years Programme at MLSI presents itself as a strong option for career growth – irrespective of whether you/your child plan to enroll in the IB Diploma later on in their school life.