Mount Litera International School is proud to offer private transport in Air Conditioned buses that are equipped with GPS, Security Cameras and a female  bus attendant and driver.

Our intent is to provide students with a safe and pleasant way to get to and from school. We contract local bus companies to service a variety of routes and offer different bus stops for student pick-up and drop-off.

We encourage our families to use our bus system in order to be both environmentally friendly as well as to reduce congestion at the school. Campus safety is also increased with fewer cars in the drop off zone and the reduced congestion allows our buses to enter and leave the drop off zone freely. When large numbers of families use our bus service, it allows our school to create more convenient bus stops, as well as keeping the cost of the transportation affordable.

Please contact the transportation office at the number below for the location of the stop in your area.

For questions regarding the bus service, please contact

Transportation Director, at / Tel: +919920407888