Our Vision

Mount Litera School International is a co-educational day school, which provides an outstanding education through the holistic based curriculum. This is achieved in a friendly family atmosphere that nurtures a community feeling where the emotional, physical, creative and intellectual needs of all students are met within an international community.

MLSI Provides:

  • A smooth transition from Primary School to Secondary Education.
  • A team of highly professional and dedicated teachers to inspire a lifelong love of learning and to stimulate intellectual curiosity; promote a culture of creativity; develop and nurture critical thinkers, problem solvers, decision makers, responsible risk takers and effective communicators.
  •  A broad based, dynamic and balanced inquiry based curriculum [International Baccalaureate] where commitment to extra curricular activities is seen as equally important as academic achievement.
  • Challenging opportunities for learning, both in, and out of the classroom, creating self assured, focused, disciplined, well-balanced and enterprising young men and women, ready to take their place and to make their mark in modern society.
  • Traditional values such as courtesy, honesty, tolerance and mutual respect are taught in a structured, purposeful manner within the context of a friendly and homely international community.
  • Individual attention within small class sizes to maximise opportunities for a variety of teaching and learning styles.
  •  An environment where close and effective partnerships between teachers, support staff and parents ensure that every child admitted will benefit from the education on offer.
  •  We offer a safe and nurturing community where diversity is celebrated and traditional values such as tolerance and mutual respect are practiced.

Our Students Will:

  •  Become independent critical thinkers and active participants in a global society.
  •  Face life head on and experience it in ways that would demand courage, generosity, imagination, principle and resolution.
  •  Acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to set and achieve their own goals to become better leaders and guardians of tomorrow’s world.
  •  Accept, embrace and celebrate cultural diversity and promote values of respect, honesty and kindness appreciating themselves and others as individuals with rights and responsibilities irrespective of race, religion or gender.
  •  Share responsibility for their own development by discerning how they learn best and by acquiring good study habits thus equipping them with the skills essential for success at university level and beyond.

Our Objectives:

  •  Create an environment where there is a shared passion and enthusiasm for learning, teaching, achieving and being together.
  •  Appoint the best leaders, teachers and support staff who receive on-going professional development training.
  •  Care about the learning needs and the personal development of individual students and staff and their entitlement to the best education possible.
  •  Value everyone and expect them to exceed their current expectations; we should raise the bar for what can be achieved individually and collectively; we should broaden our educational opportunities and extend horizons.
  •  Work closely with our students’ families, other local schools, institutions and the wider community.
  •  Get the basics right including Literacy, Numeracy, Science and ICT and ensure that standards improve.
  •  Introduce the best new ideas and practice in education that are helping to raise standards.
  •  Guide the development of students into self-confident young adults, able to contribute positively to the community and lead full lives.

To provide the buildings and facilities, which will continue to improve the quality of experience for students and staff and our ability to provide teaching and learning that is, suited to the 21st Century.